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Position 1

The ideal solution to sleep on your stomach

Position 2

Unmatched comfort to sleep on your back

Position 3

The perfect response to the specific needs of pregnant women and overweight people

Position 4

Optimal support for side sleepers

Position 5

Read or surf comfortably in bed

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More comfort to sleep on your stomach

Sleeping comfortably on your stomach is now possible thanks to BRUNIPILLOW. All you need to do is to put your chest and pelvis on the longest part of your body pillow. The effect obtained significantly reduces the cervical tension, eliminates the pain of the neck and prevents cervical spondylosis. It also helps alleviate snoring and stimulates bronchial drainage.

dormir sur le ventre

Optimal support to sleep on the back and side

In the folded position, the BRUNIPILLOW can be used by the back or side sleeper to provide optimal support for the neck. It helps maintain the perfect curvature of the cervical vertebrae, in order to prevent osteoarthritis, facilitate the passage of air into the trachea and considerably reduce snoring.

dormir sur le dos et le coté

Ideal for pregnant women and overweight people.

By lying on the curvature of the pillow, the BRUNIPILLOW provides an enveloping abdominal support that fosters a comfortable and restful sleep.

Les atouts de votre Brunipillow

More comfort and fun in bed

The BRUNIPILLOW can be ingeniously transformed into an armrest that provides a comfortable position for surfing or reading in bed

Confort au lit

Find out, the advantages of your BRUNIPILLOW in video

A detailed presentation of the many different uses of your pillow by its creator Jan-Edouard BRUNIE.

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