The solution

To find the best position

More benefits for health

Nothing better than the BRUNIPILLOW to get a restful sleep!

Designed by a psychoanalyst physiotherapist, this unique body pillow facilitates sleeping on the stomach for as long as desired. It also contributes in preventing and alleviating many inconveniences and offers many additional advantages:


Un body pillow pour une position idéale

A true innovation in the art of sleeping. The BRUNIPILLOW is a body pillow that allows the sleeper to lie on his stomach, and easily switch sides.

Cleverly designed, the BRUNIPILLOW has two parts:
one to support the thorax and the upper limb and another one to rest the lower limb
With the trunk slightly raised, the head undergoes a smaller rotation.

This position is ideal for promoting the prevention of cervical spondylosis.
A new feeling of well-being and comfort to rediscover the pleasure of sleep.


A broad range of benefits

It relieves neck pain by decreasing cervical torsion, prevents Cervical spondylosis and decreases lumbar curve (-40 ° of rotation at the cervical level).
It facilitates breathing, reduce snoring and stimulates bronchial drainage.
It acts on the thermal regulation.
It provides abdominal support (especially for overweight or pregnant women).
It is also a real asset for hospitals as it allows to position the patient in the recovery position.
In long stay, the body pillow allows to maintain ¾ of the body of the patient in order to prevent bedsores.
It can be transformed into an armrest that offers an ideal reading position.
In folded position, the body pillow may be used as a pillow that provides cervical support to the back or side sleeper. Thanks to its light weight and enveloping shape, it supplants without any difficulty.
An undeniable psychological aspect (The Single feels less alone and the child feels more secure to sleep)
This type of body pillows allows to maintain the ¾ prone position throughout the night.